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Death on the Derwent A Murder Mystery set in Belper 1949 ISBN 0 9530419 2 1
Join the formidable schoolmistress Miss Florence Calder and her small, cantankerous, hunchbacked sister Miss Madge, as they detect and attempt to unmask a clever murderer in the leafy, ivy-clad, quaint and quieter Belper of 1949.

This entertaining blend of fact and fiction, set against the skilfully described background of spectacular Derbyshire scenery, is both an intriguing 'whodunit' and also a local history. Atmospheric narrative will take you around the nooks and crannies of the old mill town, in both bright sunshine and also in menacing thick fog.

It is complete with a body in a boat, psychic phenomena in the candle-lit haunted halls of the rambling old Bridge House School, a seance, a conjuring trick and all ending in a surprise.

Some hilarious, colourful and quirky characters spanning the social divide from the past poverty of Cowhill, to the opulence of Bridge Hill, combine with suspense and dramatic tension to produce a thoroughly enjoyable thriller. 204 pages.

"So who has done it? Well Narvel has, but he'll keep you guessing right up to the final breath."

John Holmes, BBC Radio Derby






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