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A Judge too Far

A Judge Too Far - A Biography of His Honour Judge Keith Matthewman QC of the
Nottingham Crown Court
ISBN 0 9530419 9 9

A tough judge with a tough reputation, he is more concerned for the victim than the criminal; a judge whose sentences are often reduced by the Court of Appeal, but a judge who is regularly applauded for his outspoken radical views by the Press and the public.

Narvel Annable explores the fascinating story of his former teacher who has spanned the social divide from a Yorkshire coal mining background to being listed in Who's Who and Debrett's People of Today and is now described as legendary in the local Press. This is an extraordinary lifetime in which praise is matched with criticism, as we follow the twists and turns of the last six decades to see Keith Matthewman, the student, the Scout, the memorable and creative schoolmaster, the enthusiastic left-wing politician, the film maker, the articulate barrister and the stern judge who - " ... had to deal with the raw end of life, the mad, bad and desperate - a parade of failed humanity ... rapes, incest, violence, dangerous driving, arson .."

Judge Matthewman went on to become a broadcaster, a controversial television personality, strident critic of the Criminal Justice System and latterly the President of the Friends of the Galleries of Justice Museum in Nottingham.

In 1992 he featured in Central TV's award-winning documentary Caution - Our Hands Are Tied and a year later he was the first British judge to have a regular slot on Crime Stalker.

Readers will also find, imaginatively interwoven in this life-span, an enjoyable and informative history, brought to life by photographs, documents and newspaper extracts which will re-kindle local memories.

This book takes you through the years of the Second World War in Chilwell, the 1950's in Long Eaton Grammar School and then on to University College London. The 1960's will see shop-keeping at Aldercar, school-teaching and politics in Heanor, leading on to Rolls Royce in Derby and ending up with many examples from the riveting daily drama of lives in crisis in the Nottingham law courts. This work of 271 pages is supported by forewords from -

The Rt. Hon. Geoffrey Hoon MP the Secretary of State for Defence and
Lord Bach of Lutterworth








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