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Secret Summer

Here is a heartrending tale of young love. Narvel Annable reaches down into the joys and sorrows of his past to produce an autobiographic account of adventure, passion and pain. A cracking whodunit; it features a missing person and contract killers from the unforgiving criminal underworld of Detroit. Barely out of his teens, Simeon is homesick for his beloved Derbyshire, but falls in love with a mysterious tough-guy called Ahmed.

The storyline explores a mixture of magic and menace following two incompatible personalities, desperately trying to make their relationship work in the homophobic landscape of Detroit, January 1966.

Why secret? Because when you are young, when you are in love and if you are gay in 1966 - it must be secret. You lust in secret, hunt in secret and love in secret. See Simeon in love; a rollercoaster, a frantic mixture of agony and ecstasy spanning the Atlantic Ocean. He has no support save for that which was available from the frequently unreliable world of gay men who were riddled with all their own personal problems, repressions and hang-ups.

Another quirky corker in the Derbyshire mystery series from the irrepressible Narvel Annable. A Boy's Own story from 1966; it is a most entertaining read.

Peter Tatchell

Narvel reading an extract from his book 'Secret Summer' at Bradford Pride, 2009. Introduced by Paul Hunt, a leading light of the Bradford LGBT scene.


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